Laleh Shahidi

Laleh has a proven track record in healthcare informatics, entrepreneurial leadership, and creation and deployment of innovative Web 2.0 systems. With expertise in collaboration, information, and learning principles, Laleh has helped her clients design innovative solutions that fit their organizations culture to achieve business results.

As a health informatics expert, Laleh brings many years of experience in health and medical technologies with deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and thorough understanding of organizational culture and management challenges. She has worked with her clients to formulate strategies, design processes, and tools for creating and delivering more value to their organizations.

Laleh has an interest in approaches, processes, and systems that would enable individuals become an active and responsible partner in their own health and care pathway. She has explored how research and innovative strategies in applied sciences can be pull together to boost individual and organizational productivity and wellness; and how collaboration between patients, caregivers, providers and various organizations can be improved through the use of communication and information technologies. She has extended her learning by exploring methods for empowering behavioral change and healthier lifestyles.

As a former founder of Active Path Solutions, Laleh led the creation of this company's software solutions approach to rapid deployment of customized network-based content, document, and work-flow management systems, with an innovative approach that minimized customers' need for full understanding of or involvement with the underlying technology infrastructure.

As a consultant, Laleh has been instrumental in initiating and implementing multiple new programs within various organizations. The common thread of her projects has been helping clients to identify and implement expanded competencies that would support their organizations structures, policies, processes, tools, and culture.

Prior to starting her own business, Laleh worked at the University of California, San Francisco in several capacities. She was in charge of the Distance Education Program at the School of Nursing, and Applied Informatics at the School of Medicine, and a member of the Multidisciplinary Medical Information Science Graduate Program.

Laleh has a Ph.D. in Medical Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies and participated in a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Medical Informatics, an M.Ed. In Instructional Technology, and a B.A. in Art History.

(June 2010)