What is this I hear about NextNow membership?

Hopefully by now everyone's noticed that Bill Daul (with the valuable aid of Jim Schuyler and others) has been evolving and expanding NextNow beyond its old form of seeding ideas, conversations and networks through organized "events", into hosting blogs and wikis and spontaneous gatherings with strange attractors of meaning like Doug Engelbart and Robert Scobel. Each is an opportunity to engage our current chaordic state and allow ourselves to be attracted to reorganize at higher, more complex, more evolved...chaordic states! 

It‚s particularly exciting to experience this development with those NextNowers participating at a distance, whether simply from outside our Bay Area or from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, France, the UK and Singapore.

While Bill makes crafting and caring for NextNow appear effortless, and in fact it is a labor of love, it's still a labor, requiring a lot of attention to who we are as individuals and as a social network. Let's show Bill some love back.


There are multiple ways to support. The obvious is financial contributions. The less obvious is to hire Bill. He has done work for the following:

Jim Schuyler (Red7 Communications) Mei Lin Fung (ISOE)
Eileen Clegg (Visual Insight) Amy Jussel (Shaping Youth)
Claudia Welss (NextNow Collaboratory) Doug Carmichael (dougcarmichael.com)
Kevin Wheeler (Future of Talent Institute) Dr. Jennnifer Leigh (doctorjenniferleigh.com)
Nicola Walker (Clarity For Life) Zilla Adams (ZillaAdams.com)
Jim Herriot / Bruce Sawhill (NextGen AeroSciences, LLC) Rick Brennan (Opsys Inc.)
Martha Russell (Stanford's Media-X) Dr. Betty Frain (Dr. Betty Frain)
Shirley Chen (WinViVo) Darlene Voss (Optimal Wellness Nutrition)
Jennifer Hibbens (Ellerslie Homestead) Graeme Parsons (Darwin, Australia)
Dan Esbensen (Touch Technologies, Inc.) Alison Boudreau
Bojana Fazaric (SurfNet Communications) Karen Tucker (Churchill Club)


Every individual in NextNow is a valued member simply by virtue of who they are, and no fees are required to remain a part of the network (except when attending onsite events to cover costs, and even those are sliding scale). However, to ensure that Bill can continue to apply his inspiration to NN for everyone's benefit, we are setting up VOLUNTARY categories of membership that will allow NN members to make financial contributions to help sustain Bill's efforts. The Sustaining Member categories are (the envelope, please):

Sponsoring Member: 50.00 and above/month
Strange Attractor: 25.00 and above/month
Sustaining Member: 15.00 and above/month
Friend of NextNow: 10.00 and above/month

Give a one-time donation: $

or subscribe...

Set-up monthly donation:
$ for months

(We are working on alternative methods to PayPal)

Your preferences can be changed at any time by you.

Thank you for being part of NextNow, and for participating in whatever ways you feel called, so that NN remains of value to each of us, and so that together we can contribute something of value to the Collective "next now".

Contributors (as of February 2012)
  Claudia Welss  
Rick Brennan Yassi Moghaddam Amy Jussel
Laleh Shahidi Theresa Swift Barbara Kivowitz
Paul To John Adams Mei Lin Fung
Karen Tucker Nancy Margulies Eileen Clegg
Karen Aiken May Kirstin Røen Sam Hahn
Prasad Kaipa Jeff Saperstein Verna Allee