What is NextNow?

Tddddddhe following is a weaving of words, visualizations, and ideas from Jim Herriot, Claudia Welss, Eileen Clegg, Bonnie DeVarco and Bill Daul (the founders).

What is the next overall *context* we are "dreaming in"? Lots of people are focused on various novel technologies and new ways of doing things differently or better. But that doesn't necessarily change the feeling of "occupying" the present moment…it's just the same "us" doing things a bit differently.

NextNow connotes for some of us a different, transformed "us," reflecting a different set of self and group images and self-concepts/group-concepts. It's the notion of a "next" or different context we find ourselves "inside," of.. a subtle bumping up against (altering?) of what Hannah Arendt calls the "Human Condition" -the title of one of her books. We're talking about a change in so-called "sitz in leben" even at least a subtle, yet noticeable, change.

Of course, this "next" version of "now" is highly influenced by changes in technology or ways of doing things, ways of "getting on" with things. But it's not the technology itself. And that's the Big Idea of NextNow as we see it. It's the experience of the "Now" itself -- changed, never to be the same again -- and we're changed, transformed too.

NextNow bridges the space between the now (always here) and the future (by definition never here) by holding its attention and applying its resonance in the present as the only possibility for directly participating in a consciously created future.

NextNow is a diverse group of thinking/feeling/doing beings endeavoring to contribute to our own, each other's and our collective "highest" nextnows, focusing on synergy, leverage and tipping points/trim tabs, and keeping our attention and intention grounded in what we know, including love, respect, and a better nextnow for all life.

We also would like to mention some members that throw in energy, enthusiasm and support. They are major pillars of our group...either by organizing events, finding other like-minded people, or behind the scenes support. They are Jeff Saperstein, Laleh Shahidi, Peter Goldsbury, Darryl Carlton, John Adams, Jim Schuyler, Betsy Burroughs, Michael Doyle, Yassi Moghaddam and Doug Engelbart.

There is a protected directory listing current members with more detailed information. If interested contact Bill Daul.