Photo Needed Dorai Thodla

    CTO & Founder - iMorph Inc.

Current Involvements

Currently Chief Technology Officer (and founder) of iMorph, Inc. As part of iMorph, I am involved in product development with XML, Web Services, Semantic Web Components and other emerging technologies.

Other Involvements

  • Technology Advisor to Bootstrap Alliance
  • Technology Advisor to Amtech-USA
  • Virtual CTO for Watch360 Systems
  • XML Technology Advisor to Xambala, Inc.
  • Technology Advisor for


  • Founder of iMorph, Inc. (1999- Current)
  • Principal Architect, IKON Office Solutions – Technology Services (Coromandel became Integra after merging with MIDAK, Inc and was bought by IKON) (1996-1998)
  • Co-founder and CTO of Coromandel Industries Inc. (1985-1996)
  • Founder of Information Technology Systems Pvt Ltd (1983-1986)

Roles Played

  • Developer (Device drivers, database products)
  • Architect/Designer of database and XML products
  • Technology Mentor and Consultant – Integra Professional Services


  • Over 25 years of experience in consulting, mentoring, architecture, design.
  • Over 15 years of experience creating products and technologies as an entrepreneur.


OpenCourse (current) Infrastructure for building Collaborative Learning Communities and a framework for building Learning Objects Using Zope, Python, XML. Open source effort with NSF grant.
HyperScope/OHS/DKR (current) A toolkit and a dynamic knowledge repository. Useful for building Networked Improvement Comunities. An Open Source effort under the guidance of Doug Engelbart of Bootstrap Institute.
InfoMinder ( 1998-20001) A web notification service for semantic web mining
Integra VDB (1993-1996) The first ODBC components for Visual Basic and Visual C++
DBControls (1991-1993) The first set of database components for Visual Basic 1.0
Integra SQL (1985-1992) ANSI compatible SQL database engine for PCs running DOS, Windows and XENIX
ObjecTrieve (1990) An ISAM engine with support for binary large objects (BLOBS) and user defined data types