Great reading material --

on marketing and selling high-tech products to mainstream customers:


Geoffrey A. Moore
HarperBusiness Book
ISBN 0-06-662002-3

on how to survive with your creativity

ORBITING THE GIANT HAIRBALL - A Corporate Fool's Guide to Surviving with Grace

by Gordon MacKenzie
Copyright 1996
ISBN 0-670-87983-5
Viking Publishing

Best book I have read on influencing (or if we use the politically incorrect term...manipulation) people. I think everyone should read this to understand how we are influenced AND how we can easily influence others.

INFLUENCE: Science and Practice (3rd Edition)

by Robert B. Cialdini
Harper Collins Publisher
ISBN 0-673-46751-1

THE NEW PIONEERS The Men And Women Who Are Transforming The Workplace And Marketplace

by Thomas Petzinger, Jr.