Human-Landscaping - What I do that relates to you...

Anyone can connect two points. What I do is use excellent intuition, awareness of my client's needs, and a solid and ever-expanding network of contacts to provide the transcendent connection. Two metaphors for the kinds of connections I do:

Also, it occurs to me that you should NOT put contact details or websites on the list of contacts. It removes the need to use you. You should instead have brief descriptions of the types of people you know:

From pioneers, innovators, and visionaries to executive-level business folks, all exceptional in their field, all insightful, professional, and interdisciplinary. Represented are such broad fields as networking technology, chaos theory, cognition and learning, marketing, etc. Then have brief descriptions:

The visionary developer of a system to extend our ability to think and do, and genius behind the second most popular interface device after the keyboard.

(without lifting a pencil, draw 4 lines that pass over all 9 dots)

Big Picture

Updated October 08, 2006